BS Brewing

Wright Distributing Company welcomes
Stout Brewing Company
to our supplier portfolio and
we’re proud to be the distributor
of their new and unique products.



Combining the ideals of an infamous alcoholic beverage with 21st century ingenuity, Great America has arrived, proving that some legends never die. In a typical mason jar container, the beer-based Great America is available in two different flavors: Carolina Clear, and tipping our hat to its southern roots, Apple Pie. The 23.5 oz. shine-reminiscent beverage is 14% ABV (28 proof), and is brewed in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.



Embracing your desire to be different, only Stout 21 combines popular flavors with one-of-a-kind bottle to produce a great testing, smooth 3oz. shot that embodies an irreverent and uninhibited personality. Using a distinctive beer base at 15% ABV (14% in certain states), Stout21 is available in four unique flavors.

Margarita Royal Flush
Apple Pie Screwdriver

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